About Us

Royal Gems and Minerals is an exceptional small business that is powered by the passion, creativity, and dedication of a close-knit family. The company is headed by the dynamic duo of Stacy and Jason Royal, who have built a thriving enterprise that is focused on sharing knowledge and healing through their unique blend of intuitive art, crystal therapy, and Reiki teaching.

Stacy Royal is the heart and soul of the business, a certified Reiki Master Teacher and an accomplished intuitive artist. Her passion for crystals and healing shines through in every aspect of her life, as she works tirelessly to share her knowledge and insights with anyone who is willing to listen. She is a true visionary who spends her days connecting with and teaching her children, creating beautiful crystal grids, honoring her ancestors, and reflecting on the energy of the moon cycles.

Jason Royal is the rock-solid support system behind Stacy, always there to keep the family laughing and ensure that the business runs smoothly. He is an integral member of the team, a natural connector who loves meeting new people and sharing his passion for crystals with others. He is always expanding his own healing gifts and looks forward to continuing to grow with the business.

The Royal kids are an incredible asset to the team, providing daily inspiration and unique insights into the world of crystals and healing. They are a creative force to be reckoned with, bringing their own ideas to life through JJ's Jewels and other items that are featured on the website. As a family, they handle all aspects of the business, working together to connect with customers and spend quality time together.

With their sweet pup Ruby by their side, the Royal family is on a mission to share the power of crystals and healing with as many people as possible. Their passion and dedication are evident in everything they do, from creating beautiful art to sharing their knowledge and insights with others. Royal Gems and Minerals is truly a special small business that is making a big impact in the world.

Keep Up With the Royal Family

Here are some of our other passions:

Sending Love

Sending Love is more than a service; it's a heartfelt mission born from Stacy's deep-seated belief that no one should ever feel alone in their grief. It is rooted in empathy our unique grief support service thoughtfully crafts and sends personalized, handwritten cards via snail mail to your loved one each month for an entire year. In moments when words escape you, let us articulate your care and compassion, ensuring your loved ones feel a continuous, warm embrace of support and remembrance.


Coffee Dyed Paper

Our family has a heartfelt passion for handcrafting coffee-dyed paper. For us, art has been a pivotal source of healing, and we want to share this beautiful medium with you.

When you purchase our coffee-dyed paper for your own creations, know that we do a happy dance with every order. Each package is infused with love and care, making your artistic journey even more special.