Stacy's Journey to Reiki Healing

In the beginning Stacy was skeptical of energy healing. She knew we were all connected energetically but never really questioned or thought about how, or why. Her father became very ill and met a Reiki practitioner whom he went to see every week. He was always happy afterward, and had more energy than any other time during the week, and just felt an overall sense of peace after his sessions. Meeting his practitioner was Stacy's brief introduction to Reiki healing energy. After her father passed away, she went to see his practitioner for a massage and the practitioner asked if she could do some Reiki healing, on Stacy as she could sense pain in her kidneys. This was eye opening to Stacy as she was suffering from a urinary tract infection which she did not disclose to the Reiki practitioner before the session. Stacy left her office with no kidney or urinary pain and a true belief in energy healing.

Stacy was deep in grief over her Father's passing; so pursuing her education into Reiki healing didn't start until a few years later. Stacy had her third baby and he became deathly ill when he was five months old. Stacy and her husband took him to natural doctors, traditional doctors, and the emergency room and had a hard time finding someone who believed that something was wrong. Not knowing specifics about Reiki they looked up universal healing symbols online and drew a Reiki healing symbol on his back. They also asked in groups on facebook for Reiki healing. Shortly after they drew the symbol and their son received distance Reiki they located a traditional doctor that believed their son was ill. They were led to a different hospital that ended up getting him the help he needed and getting them to where they needed to be and ultimately saved their son's life. This was the hardest time in Stacy's life. She learned a lot about trusting herself and not worrying about what others said or thought. She learned that she had to stand up for what she believed in, as well as listen and trust her inner guidance.

After seeing the power of Reiki in action and the healing that happened with her son she started to research and learn about Reiki healing. After she earned her Reiki I certificate Stacy really realized the fact that the healing she was doing was not for other people but for herself to be healed. Even though she is a busy Mom, she tried to work with Reiki every day. She decided that she couldn’t miss out on being certified in Reiki II. Reiki II ultimately helped her to trust the inner voice and the voice that comes from source much better. It also confirmed for Stacy the fact that we are all collectively united in an energy field and how it works. Stacy can see the bigger picture now and how all our lives and stories are woven together in this beautiful tapestry of life.

Stacy decided to become a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher so that she can share the knowledge and wisdom of the healing Life Force energy that resides in all of us with others. She is also looking forward to helping other busy mom’s and their children open up to the possibilities and healing that Reiki has to offer and positively change the growing energy of the collective along the way! Stacy loves working with the energy of Reiki and lets it flow into all of her creative projects and enhance and infuse the energy of crystals for crystal healing.


Reiki Stickers

Transform your space and elevate your wellness with our Reiki Healing Stickers, hand-drawn and created by the talented artist Stacy Royal. These stickers are not only beautiful, but also imbued with positive energy and Reiki healing. Made from high-quality, water-resistant and UV-protected vinyl, our stickers are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the positive energy they bring will be with you for years to come.  Energize your water, decorate your laptop, put them on your guitar, or notebook.  Where ever you would like a little Reiki energy or a reminder of your Reiki practice.  These also make great gifts to other practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers!