Collection: JJ's Jewels Handmade By My 13 Year Old

JJ's Jewels was born out of a heartfelt gesture by JJ Royal, who sought to create a personalized gift for her Mother on her birthday. Her creativity and passion for jewelry making were unleashed when she handpicked the perfect charms and hardware pieces to craft the perfect pair of earrings for her Mom! This experience ignited a fire in JJ, and she was determined to share her talent with the world.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, JJ invested her hard-earned money back into her business, procuring high-quality materials to create exceptional jewelry pieces. She remains committed to ensuring that all her creations are made with the finest materials, and has been saving for future adventures!

JJ is immensely grateful to the individuals who have supported her journey and helped her realize her dream. Her mother's advice to pursue what she loves has been her guiding light, and she is determined to create jewelry that brings joy and happiness to her customers. 

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