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Royal Gems and Minerals

Cards for your Reiki box or crystal grid, blank write the name of your recipient and then place in your grid or box quantity 25 cho ku rei

Cards for your Reiki box or crystal grid, blank write the name of your recipient and then place in your grid or box quantity 25 cho ku rei

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Are you ready to step up your Reiki healing? These Reiki cards can help you easily send distance Reiki to multiple people at once.

My method, I get quiet and in a meditative state. I smudge myself and ask Reiki to flow. I draw CKR over the card with my hand. I then write on the card the name of the person, really feeling into their energy. I hold the card and sign the distance symbol over the card, really envisioning the Reiki being sent to that person. I also add in any intentions that were requested or that come through. I again sign Cho Ku Rei over the card, and then place it on my Reiki crystal grid or in my Reiki box. It will stay there as I activate the grid and send Reiki to all of the people I have listed at once.

This listing is for 25, 2.9"x1.26" cards, featuring the universal healing symbol Cho Ku Rei, ready for you to add your names.

Have you recently discovered Reiki? Do you love the powerful universal healing symbol Cho Ku Rei? Are you a Reiki practitioner? To become a Reiki practitioner one attends classes, and undergoes an attunement process to help effectively channel the healing energy. Stacy Royal is an artist and certified Reiki Master teacher. Since becoming certified in 2018 Stacy has incorporated this wonderful healing modality into life daily. Stacy loves to infuse her artwork and creations with Reiki healing energy. Whether you are new to Reiki, looking for healing support, or a well seasoned Reiki Master Stacy’s stickers and healing artwork can be a powerful addition to your daily life.

Reiki is a form of cleansing and healing, when you hear that something is Reiki infused it really means that the item has been cleared energetically and then intentioned with Reiki for the recipient's highest good.

Reiki is an energetic healing technique that channels positive energy into your body. Reiki practitioners typically place their hands on the affected area of the body or send the energy distantly to the place that needs attention. When the Reiki practitioner offers your body this energy it can be felt almost immediately, it really helps relieve stress and replaces negative energy with a lighter more positive energy. Reiki energy is super high vibe, loving, soothing, and can be life changing. Reiki can be used on its own for enhanced wellness or alongside traditional medicine anytime your mind, body, and soul need uplifting.

Wholesale pricing is available on single designs. Send Stacy a message and she would love to work with you in finding a quantity and price that works for you!

Each purchase helps Stacy support her family of 6 and is gratefully appreciated! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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