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Royal Gems and Minerals

Overcoming Grief Crystal Tumble Set

Overcoming Grief Crystal Tumble Set

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Here at Royal Gems and Minerals healing from grief is important to us.  Our Overcoming Grief set is a powerful collection of crystals, hand-picked to help you navigate the difficult journey of healing from loss.

Rose Quartz offers love, compassion, and grace as you move through the different stages of grief.  It can also help remind us that it is ok to be kind to ourselves even when we are feeling uncertain from grief.

Ruby Zoisite offers it's high vibration reminding you of Divine love as you grieve.  It helps with rest and releasing the pain and sorrow associated with grief.  Also helps you extend compassion to yourself and others in any stage of the grieving process.

Apache Tears offers a very calm energy and is great at absorbing the feelings of grief and works to help you accept the new reality.  Helps you feel safe and remove blockages around the grief that you may be feeling.  

Amethyst offers you peace and patience in any stage of grief.  It can help with releasing of fears, anger, rage, stress, and anxiety, common emotions in the grieving process.  

Each crystal has been carefully chosen to help you honor your grief, find closure, and ultimately, find peace.

This overcoming grief set, comes with 4 crystals, 1 of each listed above.  It comes with a satin pouch, a description of the crystals as they pertain to the grieving process, and a general note about grief.  (Angel wing bowl not included). 

These sets are a nice thinking of you gift to send to anyone experiencing a loss of any kind, relationship, job, fur baby, family member, friend.  Can include a hand written note if requested and send directly to your recipient.   

Remember you are not alone. Please reach out if you have questions or need more support then what is offered with these crystals or on this listing.  

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