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Petrified Wood Tumble

Petrified Wood Tumble

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Petrified wood tumbles are unique and beautiful stones that make a perfect addition to any collection. These stones are made from fossilized wood that has been tumbled and polished to a smooth finish. They feature a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from dark browns to vibrant blues and greens. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind natural creation that adds a touch of rustic beauty to any home or office. Petrified wood tumbles are the perfect way to bring a touch of nature indoors and make a great gift for any collector.

Petrified wood is a powerful grounding stone that can help us connect with nature and the energies of the Earth. It is known for its ability to help us look at situations from a more logical and realistic perspective. It can also help to bring back scattered energies and combat creative blocks. Petrified wood is a great choice for those who are dealing with age-related health issues and fear of aging. It is also associated with connecting with the wisdom of the past and our ancestors. Petrified wood is ruled by earth energies and is linked to the root and sacral chakras.

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