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Royal Gems and Minerals

Royal Rocks Subscription Box

Royal Rocks Subscription Box

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Gift  Yourself Love and Embrace the Power of Crystals with the Royal Rocks Subscription Box!

Unearth the Magic Each Month, Dive into a world of mindful self-care and deep inner healing with our Royal Rocks Subscription Box. You will receive an array of crystal treasures every month that nurture your soul and energize your space.

What's Inside?

3 Crystals: Each box brings you three high-quality, intuitively selected crystals. These gems come in various forms - raw, carved, as part of stunning jewelry, or as accessories.

Crystals for Gridding: Enhance your manifesting power with specially chosen tumbles or points, perfect for crystal gridding.

Exclusive Collectibles: Discover crystal-inspired collectable art, only available in our subscription box, as well as collectible crystal inspired stickers, these will arrive along with different inspirational cards adorned with quotes and beautiful artwork.

Mindful Moments: Engage in self-reflection with our included coloring pages, literature on how to work with crystals, and occasional journal prompts. Digital access to custom musical playlists and guided meditations for a complete spiritual experience.

Self-Care Surprises: Savor our selection of teas or snacks, as well as our reminders to slow down and be present with ourselves. 

Energy Management Tools: Each box will include a form of energy management, such as a sage bundle, palo santo, incense, or cleansing sprays, as well as dishes helping you to manage the energy in your space effectively.

Exclusive Club Membership: Joining the Royal Rocks Subscription brings you digital access to our private Facebook club, The Royal Rock Club. Enjoy perks like a 5% stackable discount on all orders, free shipping, birthday surprises, mystery gifts, and exclusive free crystal gifts.

Why Choose Our Royal Rocks Subscription Box?

Our focus is on slowing down, self-love, and healing as well as empowering you to use your crystals and manifest the life that  you want.  This theme resonates through each item in our subscription box.

Our box is lovingly curated by our family of seven, your support helps our big family thrive.  Each crystal is handpicked, cleansed, and infused with intention for your highest good.

Whether you're an avid crystal collector or just starting your journey, the Royal Rocks Subscription Box is a perfect choice for anyone seeking peace, mindfulness, and energetic growth.

Subscribe Now and Transform Your Energy Today!  $49.99 per month, shipping is included! Our box is valued at over $100.00

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