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Larimar Pendants Set in Silver

Larimar Pendants Set in Silver

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These gorgeous pendants were hand chosen with love so they could be offered to you.  Set in silver, they will arrive on a black waxed cord (silver chains)  sold separately. 

Larimar, with its exquisite turquoise hues and the gentle, soothing embrace of sky blue, is a crystal that mirrors the serene beauty of sea water. It captivates with occasional swirls of white patterning, offering a visual journey into the tranquil depths of the ocean. Ranging from partially translucent to opaque, Larimar exudes a silky to glassy luster that adds to its allure.

This high-vibration stone holds a special connection to both the Thymus (second Heart) and Throat Chakras, making it a powerful catalyst for self-healing. Larimar is renowned for its role as a stone of communication, clarity, and truth. It steps into any situation with calm assurance, effectively dissolving stress and negativity in its gentle wake. Larimar becomes your steadfast companion in navigating change, facilitating the process with grace and ease.

Carrying Larimar is akin to embracing a pocket-sized source of joy and balance. Whether it rests in your pockets, pouches, or medicine bags, this gem radiates an aura of tranquility that resonates with the gentle, soothing energy of water. It beckons you to "go with the flow" and, in doing so, unlocks a profound connection to the world beneath the waves, with a particular affinity for dolphins and the boundless sea.

Larimar is more than just a beautiful gem; it is a nurturing presence that guides the healing journey of body, mind, and soul. It acts as a gentle mirror, revealing behaviors rooted in old patterns and programs that may be hindering your progress. With Larimar's assistance, you can identify, understand, and release these self-sabotaging tendencies, paving the way for transformation.

Moreover, Larimar offers the gift of deep meditation, facilitating a connection to higher vibrational energy. This connection opens doors to enhanced communication with angels, guides, guardians, and Source itself. Larimar invites you to explore the realms beyond the everyday, fostering an ethereal connection that can be both enlightening and transformative.

Incorporate Larimar into your crystal collection and experience the serene clarity and healing energy it brings. Let its tranquil embrace guide you toward a deeper understanding of self and a profound connection with the spiritual realms. Larimar is your companion on the journey to truth, communication, and inner peace.

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