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Royal Gems and Minerals

Royal Rocks Crystal Confetti Club

Royal Rocks Crystal Confetti Club

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Discover a World of Mystical Treasures with Royal Rocks, Crystal Confetti Club!

A Monthly Celebration of Crystals: Uncover the magical mystery each month with our unique Crystal Confetti Club Subscription. Immerse yourself in a dazzling array of royal gems and minerals, thoughtfully curated to surprise and delight you.

What's Inside Your Crystal Confetti?

  • Varied Collection: Each 1/4 cup scoop is a treasure trove of tumbled stones, raw crystals, geometrically shaped crystals, and more, harmoniously blended according to our special themes.
  • Themed Magic: Explore our extensive range of themes, including Zodiac signs, Full Moon, New Moon, Harvest, Valentine and Black Heart, Winter Wonderland, Halloween, Patriotic, Birthday, and many more throughout the year!
  • Jewelry and Charms: Discover hidden gems like rings, bracelets, earrings, and other charming accessories matching the theme of your confetti.
  • Guaranteed Treasure: We ensure that every scoop includes at least one precious item worth $9.99 or more.

Special Touches:

  • Organza Bag Packaging: Your scoop of crystal confetti comes in a beautiful organza bag, adding an elegant touch to your collection.
  • Crystal List Included: Sort and identify your finds with ease, thanks to the included list of potential crystals, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Bonus Stickers and Affirmations: As a thank-you for your subscription, enjoy free, delightful stickers and inspirational cards with each shipment.

Why Join the Crystal Confetti Club?

  • Surprise and Variety: Every month brings a new, unexpected mix of crystals and treasures, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience.
  • Perfect for Gridding: These crystals are ideal for creating powerful crystal grids, enhancing your spiritual practice.
  • Ideal for Collectors: Whether you're starting your journey or expanding your collection, our confetti is perfect for crystal lovers of all levels.

Subscribe Today for a Sparkling Surprise Every Month!

Note: The images provided are examples of different scoops and themes. Your monthly scoop will be unique and may include similar items, ensuring each delivery is a special discovery.

For a fascinating crystal experience, our subscription starts from just $24.44, with shipping included!!

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