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Winter Wonderland Crystal Confetti

Winter Wonderland Crystal Confetti

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We take great pride in providing a variety of crystal confetti's in our shop!  Crystal confetti is a delightful mix of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Usually focused on a certain theme! Our crystal confetti is a fun and stimulating blend of crystal stones, chips, tumbles, points, and geometric shapes that are perfect for creating beautiful displays or creating a crystal grid!

Our crystal confetti is not just limited to raw or tumbled stones and shapes, but it also includes a wide range of little treasures!  Pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and other themed surprises that will surely delight any crystal enthusiast. Each package of our crystal confetti is carefully curated with unique combinations of stones and other items, packaged in a cute organza bag and a list of crystals that you can find in each mix.  This is a perfect gift for any crystal lover, young or old!

The confetti pictured on this listing is our Winter Wonderland Crystal Confetti!  

Winter Wonderland Confetti is 15.55 for a 1/4 cup scoop!

Stones that can be found in this Crystal Confetti Blend are:

Rainbow Moonstone
Blue Lace Agate
Angel Aura Quartz
Lapis Lazuli
Blue Onyx
Clear Quartz
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