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Yooperlite Sphere

Yooperlite Sphere

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Yooperlite is great stone to help one feel uplifted, more self assured, self confident, and increase feelings of self esteem!  

Yooperlite is a rare form of fluorescent rock that was first discovered in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 2017. It is a highly sought-after rock for its beauty and metaphysical properties, which are said to be connected to the energy of the Earth. It is believed to provide a sense of grounding and stability, while also being a calming and protective stone that can help to balance emotions and reduce stress. It is also said to stimulate the creative process and help its users to tap into their creative potential.

Yooperlite is connected to the element of water and is believed to have a cleansing and purifying effect. It is a great choice for those looking for a calming and grounding stone or a stone to boost creativity.

This listing is for the sphere only. The Silver Dragon Sphere Stand is also available.

The sphere is 1.9inches or 48mm and weighs .33 pounds. 

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